Voting Process for Trustees

All 557,000 alumni can vote online when the election opens April 10.  Ballots will be sent out to alumni before the opening, and alumni can request them by emailing

The election is totally online—we moved to an online platform last year for several reasons: reducing our carbon footprint; making voting easier for our alums by a few simple steps; and being good stewards of limited University resources.

However, in the event an alum does not have internet access, all they have to do is to call our office and r

equest voting instructions for the election. That number is 814-865-2521.

If you know of Penn State Alumni who do not use computers or internet, please pass along the information re what they have to do to participate in the election! Ballot links are provided automatically to alumni (with email addresses on file) who are members of the Penn State Alumni Association, have held membership within the past two years, or have contributed to the University within the past two years.
Additionally, any alum is eligible and encouraged to participate. All they would need to do is email and provide the following:
1. Full Name
2. Year of Graduation
3. College/Major
4. Current Home mailing address
Alums can request to participate until May 2, close of business (5 pm). However, it is advisable for alums to submit their request as early as possible in order to participate

Alumni voting will start April 10 and run through 9 a.m. May 3.

The results will be announced at the May 4 trustees meeting


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