Why Vote for Myke?

The leadership has apparently consolidated into the President and a select fewall the power for all of the decisions made.  Given this, Penn State was ripe for the catastrophe

that has occurred.  This problem goes way beyond the Sandusky scandal.  Erickson said it was

a “Sandusky Scandal” at the town meeting–I think that only brought the true “Penn State

Scandal” to light.  In fact, the real scandal is how a few at the top of the

Penn State Organization have usurped all the power to make all the decisions that

affect past, present,and future alumni, friends, and students. My goal as a trustee

would be to examine what the policies and procedures are and how to change them to create

more accountability for decision making regarding the future of Penn State.

I think we have enough lawyers and company presidents–I want to be a representative voice

on the board for the average person who has pride in the past, present, and future of Penn State.


Past Secretary of Board of Trustees of Centre Community Hospital, now Mt Nittany Medical Center

Numerous committee chairs responsible for patient care, quality, budgets, policies and procedures.

Lead flight attendant/Purser, Northwest Airlines,

responsible for overseeing cabin crew of up to 16 flight attendants on international flights.

Northwest Airlines, Critical Incident Stress Management Commitee, serving other flight attendants

who experienced catastrophic incidents in the performance of their duties as a flight attendant.

Northwest Airlines, Wall of Honor for outstanding customer service.

Past President, Childbirth Education Association, State College PA; Past Chairman, Education Committee

Past Chairman, Centre County Junior Miss Program Big Sisters (mentoring contestants)

Original Campus Coordinator for American Red Cross Blood Services, PSU (under my leadership

we reorganized a defunct student Red Cross organization and increased the bloodmobile

program from 400 units/year to 4700 units/year);

Due to the success of the blood donation program I developed, I was an invited speaker

to present an abstract at the American Association of Blood Banks national convention in Miami Beach

titled “Utilization of Student Volunteerism in Developing a Blood Donation Program”

Began the Pitt-Penn State Blood Donation competition in conjunction with the Pitt–Penn State football game,starting in 1984.

VISTA/Americorps Full time (domestic Peace Corps)

Volunteer 2 years with Habitat for Humanity,  Sacramento and Yolo Counties, California,

Oversight for Family Mentoring, Family Selection, and Fundraising.

Also developed database of donors and volunteers for two chapters.

Past Athletic Trainer, PSU Mens and Womens Gymnastics teams.

Taught Health Education at Penn State University

Member of St Paul’s United Methodist Church Choir for over 17 years.

I lived in the Centre Hall area and State College for over 22 years, developing strong ties to

town and gown that remain today. I still own a home in Pleasant Gap

I am part of three generations of Penn State Graduates, and I want the next generation

to know and love Penn State as I do.

View Myke (Marlene) Triebold's profile on LinkedIn

Proverbial Center of the State of PA

The Rock of our Foundation


6 comments on “Why Vote for Myke?

  1. Myke is a truly dedicated person with more than ample qualifications to fit the position. She is proactive and quick to make proper decisions.

  2. The same circumstance existed with Larry Suhey’s son re: playing time. Suhey had been lobbying Graham Spanier for Paterno’s resignation for 5 or more years. Dave Joyner, now PSU athletic director, was at the time of this frame up a member of the board of trustees who’s business had failed, was near personal bankruptcy and needed a source of income desperately. The three of these guys, in conjunction with Corbett, who was out to get Spanier for his public resistance to budget cuts, led what was effectively a coup d’etat.

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