Lest We Forget–The Surma Brother’s Vendetta to Get Joe Paterno

Vic Surma, Sr, ( a Pittsburgh Dentist)wrote  in 2007–(Vic Surma, Jr, came to PSU to play as walk on–did not go well)

“The RAT (Paterno) has hurt so many young men, destroyed their self esteem, ruined their confidence, etc.

I’m starting with a Pittsburgh reporter (Sara Ganim was main source quoted in Freeh report) and hope to take his fraud national.”

The person who started the implosion that put Penn State on the defensive by using Tom Corbett’s (PA governor and former attorney general) plan of distraction of firing Joe Paterno was John P Surma, younger brother of Victor Surma, Sr. and VP of the Board of Trustees. John P Surma was responsible for the cancelling of the press conference Joe Paterno was holding to explain what he did, when, and why. John P Surma, after cancelling Paterno’s press conference, made it clear that it was his intention to have Paterno fired so the board would finally show Joe who was “really in charge.”

This cancellation fueled media speculation that the Board of Trustees would remove Paterno as head coach. Nothing could have had a greater impact on the public’s view of the guilt or innocence of Joe Paterno or Penn State. We know that the attorney general used blatant lies “that Paterno was informed of a blatant sex act by McQueary–which we now know is false. 


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