What Do Vicky Triponey and Mark Emmert Have in Common?? Joe Paterno!

Vicky L. Triponey of Wichita State University has been named vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Connecticut,  Chancellor Mark Emmert has announced.  Triponey, who is interim vice president for student affairs at Wichita State, will join UConn March 31. She will report to Emmert.

2003  Vicky Triponey came to Penn State from UConn

Triponey was hired in 2003 by Graham Spanier after a rocky and controversial stint at the University of Connecticut. Within months of her arrival at Penn State she began a campaign aimed at consolidating power within her Office of Student Affairs and crushing or eliminating anything or anyone that challenged that power. (note:  this is also Mark Emmert’s tenure which is now under review and scrutiny by USAToday).

In a series of emails to Dr. Spanier, Triponey insisted that she alone had the responsibility to discipline the players involved and indicated that suspension or expulsion was called for. Joe Paterno pointed out that since the incidents were off-campus and everyone involved was facing criminal trials, it was necessary to wait for DUE PROCESS to take its course


When I served as the Graduate Student Association president, I was a very outspoken opponent of FAB. In particular that these students were not elected, and that university employees would hold 40 percent of the voting power. That meant that they had only to convince 20 percent of the students to agree with their voting bloc.

Not only did I voice my concern as a member of the Cabinet of Student Leaders, but I also put every monkey wrench in the system that I could as a member of the Student Activity Fee Board. In order for Triponey to wrestle control of student money away from students, they had to amend the “Guiding Principles” of the activity fee.

I was personally intimidated by Triponey, who threatened that by announcing the proposed changes to the Guiding Principles, I was disseminating confidential information and suggested that I be remanded by Judicial Affairs (funny that I was a member of that steering committee as well).

I informed Triponey & Co. that I was the president of a branch of the student government. As such, any communication with me was also a communication with the 10,000 graduate students across the university. They have a right to know about the dealings of their elected officials and their activity fee funds.

After reading many of the Collegian Articles during 2006, it appears that Triponey’s main effort was to wrestle student control of student activities away and into the hands of salaried individuals. Money was severely cut to student organizations, USG disappeared, etc, etc.  Ms Triponey also attempted to take over control of student discipline, a move that was opposed by faculty and staff – not just Joe Paterno!

Dr. Spanier asked for her resignation, acknowledging the mistake he had made four years earlier.

Now, fast forward to 2011–Mark Emmert and Vicky Triponey–Payback time!!  Vicky Triponey’s issues with Joe Paterno get full coverage with the Freeh Report AND Mark Emmert who is now conveniently at the NCAA–Mark Emmert hasn’t stayed in one place too long, either!!  Check out his work history–and a disaster occurred everywhere he went–Scandal and Dirt left everywhere in his wake!! (note: I have heard from Vicky Triponey and she states that she and Mark Emmert have had no communication in at least 10 years).  Her employment history below:

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
The College of New Jersey
January 2012– Present (1 year 4 months)Ewing, NJ–took Vicky 4 years to find a job!!  She applied for and was rejected for other positions during the 4 year hiatus!

Vice President for Student Affairs
Penn State University
July 2003– July 2008 (5 years 1 month)

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University of Connecticut
April 1998– June 2003 (5 years 3 months)

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Wichita State University
July 1997– April 1998 (10 months)

Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Wichita State University
September 1994– July 1997 (2 years 11 months)

Assoc. Dean of Student Life and Services
Wichita State University
June 1989– September 1994 (5 years 4 months)

Coordinator of Student Orgs. & Media
University of Georgia
March 1983– August 1986 (3 years 6 months)

Asst to Dean of Student Life/Dir of Orientation
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

February 1980– March 1983 (3 years 2 months)


2 comments on “What Do Vicky Triponey and Mark Emmert Have in Common?? Joe Paterno!

  1. Here’s my question: Vicky Triponey apparently had input with the NCAA sanctions, with the Middle States Association–did she also talk to the Attorney General about prosecuting Sandusky? By the way I can’t imagine that her hubby-do wasn’t also miffed at the disrespect shown to Miss Vick at PSU.

    • I do not have any knowledge of her being questioned by the Attorney General–she was interviewed by Freeh and associates (which many of us believe was because she would support Louis Freeh’s assumption of Joe’s guilt.) You are right, her husband was extremely upset about how she was portrayed–I got several communications from him in a very angry tone.

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