Mark Emmert and Vicky Triponey, Continued

    • Hmmmmmm Wichita State. Louisville. Michigan. Syracuse.

      These will be the four schools squaring off today to decide which teams will make up the national title game Monday night.

    • Mark Emmert‘s Final Four news conference even had little to do with the upcoming national semifinals. It was mostly him defending his past after a troubling report about his career as a university president was released earlier this week. The NCAA president even got into it with CBS Sports reporter Dennis Dodd, who has said in recent months that Emmert should step down. Wichita State, Huh–Emmert and Triponey!! Syracuse, hey Bernie!!–
      • Guess who was the President of the Middle States in 2012 that threatened Penn State? Barbara Gildenstein, president of the College of New Jersey under whom Vicky Triponey serves as Vice President of Student Affairs.  Middle States accuses Penn Sate of potentially violating four different areas of their accreditation requirements, relating to the following:
        ■Compliance with all applicable government policies, regulations, and requirements. (Affiliation 5)
         ■Institution’s governing body responsibility for the quality and integrity of the institution, for ensuring that the institution’s mission is being carried out, and for making freely available to the Commission accurate, fair, and complete information on all aspects of the institution and its operations. (Affiliation 9)
        ■Leadership and Governance (Standard 4)
        ■Integrity (Standard 6)

One email from Triponey, to Spanier said “please do something to stop this atrocious behavior before this team and an entire generation of Penn State students leave here believing that this is appropriate and acceptable behavior within a civil university community.”
Triponey was a lightning rod for controversy due to her  policy implementations at both Penn State and before that the University of Connecticut.  Spanier hired Triponey in 2003 knowing her controversial background at UConn (hired by Mark Emmert); he supported her actions vis-a-vis Paterno for a time; and the biggest clashes came after the 2004 season when Spanier had tried to strong-arm Paterno’s resignation, or at least get Paterno to plan a retirement timeline. The team started winning again in the 2005 season, and after that Spanier appears to have stopped supporting Triponey, i.e. he gave up trying to get Paterno to retire, for the time being at least. By 2007 Triponey was out at PSU.
In one email to Spanier in Sept. 2005 she wrote, “I do not support the way this man is running our football program.” Um, whose football program?
Did Paterno cause Triponey’s demise at Penn State? Almost certainly.
Did Paterno have a reputation for using his power to fire people, or get them fired? No, he didn’t.
Could Paterno wield his clout forcefully? Yes.

One comment on “Mark Emmert and Vicky Triponey, Continued

  1. I do apologize for the misinformation. I do, however stand by my position that Vicky Triponey’s relationship with MidStates may very well be a part of the threat to take away accreditation from PSU. The President of Mid States for 2012 was Barbara Gildenstein, President of the College of New Jersey, under whom Vicky Triponey serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs. While the connection is not as direct as I previously believed, there is definitely concern that Triponey may have utilized influence with MidStates to inflict further damage on Penn State and Joe Paterno.

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