Pennsylvania Rep Needs YOUR Help!

PA House member Scott Conklin has asked the help of everyone who cares about
Penn State and who understands that the PSU Board of Trustees needs to get
serious reform. Two House members allegedly have been lobbied by current BOT members to stall four reform bills so that they cannot reach the floor of the
House to receive a fair hearing. If the recent PA Senate hearing is to be
anything more than a distant memory, and BOT reform to avoid being buried by our status quo trustees, we need to provide serious, and I mean SERIOUS,
encouragement to those House members to stop obstructing these bills. And
encourage House leaders to assist in that effort. We need a tsunami of emails
and snail mail to the four individuals provided here. IF you are planning to write a letter, we encourage you to be short and to the point—the trick is to be clear from the beginning what you want from this person. Write your own letter, use this one, splice something short together—your call. If you’re not a resident of PA, don’t share that with them. You’re Penn State—that’s enough. Finally, feel free to mail any snail mail letter when you’re ready. However, emails should be sent on MONDAY!

Dear Representative:

I am
writing you to request that you assist in moving legislation relating to reform
of the Penn State Board of Trustees to the floor of the House so that it can
receive the hearing that it deserves. The current leadership of the Board is
attempting to offer only minor adjustments to Board practices and touting them
as major reforms. This is the same leadership which failed to respond
effectively to crises during the past sixteen months, and those failures have
done serious damage to the Commonwealth’s flagship university.

following bills need your cooperation and assistance:

– House Bill 299 –
Reduce the size of the Board of Trustees

– House Bill 310 – Reorganize
the voting structure of the Board
– House Bill 311 – Amend the Right-To-Know
Law to include State Related entities
– House Bill 312 – Amend the Ethics Act
to include State Related entities

We are all counting on your help to
bring the Penn State Board of Trustees into the Twenty-First century.


The Honorable Samuel H. Smith
Speaker of the
139 Main Capitol BuildingPO Box 202066Harrisburg, PA

Mike Turzai
Majority Leader
110 Main Capitol BuildingPO Box
202028Harrisburg, PA 17120-2028

Daryl Metcalfe, Chairman
House State Government Committee144 Main CapitolPO
Box 202012Harrisburg, PA 17120-2012

Paul Clymer, Chairman
House Education Committee
216 Ryan Office BuildingPO
Box 202145Harrisburg, PA 17120-2145


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