Penn State Football–I’m “Bill-liever!!!!

by Doug Robb, on Facebook, and all I can say is “ditto”

A team that was written off at the beginning of the season by “the experts” in college football had now won 4 straight games and is tied for 1st place atop the Leaders division of the Big Ten with Ohio State! NCAA sanctions be damned, Bill O’Brien has decided WE will decide our own destiny, and WE will do so on the field of play, where it counts the most.

In my 50 plus years of watching, loving and supporting Penn State football, I have NEVER been prouder of a Penn State team than this 2012 Bill O’Brien inaugural squad. They have guts, determination, pride, skill, tenacity and a dedication to themselves and the Penn State program that is unprecedented in Penn State’s history. That kind of unity and sense of purpose CANNOT be accomplished without a strong, committed and capable leader at the helm of the Penn State football ship.

 Clearly, Bill O’Brien has proven he absolutely was “the right man for the job.” I “Billieve” we MUST support Penn state and the Nittany Lion football team like never before. We MUST cheer louder and longer. We MUST NOT get down when the other team gets ahead. We MUST make so much noise when the other team is on offense they can’t hear themselves think! We MUST “Billieve” in our team through thick and thin.

Bill O’Brien and Penn State, you have my unequivocal support now and forever. I “BILLIEVE!” It’s time to take our support for Penn State to a new level! FIGHT ON, STATE! FOR THE GLORY!


One comment on “Penn State Football–I’m “Bill-liever!!!!

  1. I absolutely agree! I’m a Billiever too! I believe in this coach, his staff, and in these incredible players who display so much character and determination! They make me Penn State Proud:)

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