Do’s and Don’ts of Penn State Football

I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt for the first home game. “It’s a new era, let everybody learn new traditions together,” I figured. Some people did, and some people looked like they had never been to a sporting event ever, let alone a Penn State football game. This is obviously understandable, but here are a few tips for the newbies for Saturday’s game.

DO: Get there early. Fill up those bleachers as early as possible. Wait until after the game to get wasted instead of the night before. Plus, the game is at 3:30 this weekend, so you have no excuse. The guys need our support, and those empty rows just look terrible. Camping out at Nittanyville every week can definitely solve that problem.

DO NOT: Leave early. That’s just lame. Stay until that clock runs out, win or lose. Wait until we get to ring that victory bell, sing the alma mater, and watch the blue band’s drumline do their cadence.

DO: Sing the National Anthem and The Alma Mater, loud and proud. In the same, participate in the moments of silence, the dances to “Hey Baby,” and, of course, the cowbell.

DO NOT: Scream the anthem obnoxiously, especially this weekend against Navy. It’s downright disrespectful. In addition, don’t talk/scream during a moment of silence. Ever.

DO: Wear Blue and White (paint up, wear blue and white wigs, etc) and use your pom-poms. In all honesty, it makes the student section look really awesome.

DO NOT: Wear some lime green or neon pink Penn State shirt, you stick out like a sore thumb.

DO: Get tossed in the air after touchdowns. Also, after your section shouts “We want the lion!” push him up to the top of the stadium.

DO NOT: Think you can be carried to the top of the stadium because you’re wearing a “Morph” suit. They cost $50 and they are nothing special, and they show WAY too much.

DO: Scream your FACE OFF while we’re on defense, the second they get into that huddle until the ball is stopped. A lot of people don’t realize just how often the noise gets into the QB’s head and causes them to mess up or have to call a timeout.

DO NOT: Say a word while we’re setting up our offense. In the same light, our QB also needs to be able to hear and talk to the rest of the offense. When the Blue Band plays “Seven Nation Army” or whichever song to get you pumped, go right ahead, especially if we get a first down or an awesome play. But, when you see our guys in the huddle, bring on the silence.

DO: Support the team and have good sportsmanship. When you tell someone (on either team) they need to “kill themselves” or that you could do it better, take a step back and breathe. It’s a game.


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