We ARE–One Team, Devoted to PSU and Honor

UNIVERSITY PARK — Though there were only a fraction of the number of fans at Beaver Stadium on Friday night that will be there at noon today, they were no less enthusiastic.

Under the theme of “One Team,” Penn State students, alumni and fans filled the south end zone bleachers for Football Eve 2012.

The pep rally featured 11 Penn State varsity coaches and teams all rallying around the football team and head coach Bill O’Brien.

Men’s basketball coach Pat Chambers was the first coach to speak and got the crowd to get on their feet with his usual fervor and energy, urging the crowd to support the football team in its season opener today against Ohio University.

“We all are one voice and that voice needs to be heard with great passion great pride and great enthusiasm,” Chambers said.

But the crowd was never louder than when the football team and O’Brien took the field toward the end of the event.

After the new pump-up video was unveiled, O’Brien took the microphone to address several thousand attendees.

“This is fantastic,” O’Brien said. “We need to hear this tomorrow.”

O’Brien said the players are anxious to get back on the field because they are tired of hitting each other in practice and are looking forward to get the chance to hit someone else.

“You’re cheering for this team right here because this team can’t wait to play,” O’Brien said during his short speech to the fans, stressing the team’s readiness for the game.

Other coaches to speak to speak included Lady Lions coach Coquese Washington; men’s soccer coach Bob Warming; men’s lacrosse coach Jeff Tambroni; men’s volleyball coach Mark Pavlik; softball coach Robin Petrini; women’s lacrosse coach Missy Doherty; women’s gymnastics coaches Rachelle and Jeff Thompson; women’s ice hockey coach Josh Brandwene; men’s gymnastics coach Randy Jepson; and men’s ice hockey coach Guy Gadowsky.

Brandwene said that, in his 25 years as a Penn Stater, this is one of the coolest things he’s ever seen.


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