“Together We Are One”

By Matt Morgan mmorgan@centredaily.comState CollegeCentre Daily Times

                                    The Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County’s “Together We Are One” campaign is not just about local business owners or county residents — it’s about bringing the entire Penn State community back together.

Committee member Dave Nevins will be speaking on behalf of the committee during Friday’s Football Eve pep rally, asking people to support the campaign and its mission.

Nevins said that at least 750,000 Penn Staters have felt the impact of the fallout from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the Louis Freeh report and the NCAA sanctions, including students at both University Park and commonwealth campuses, alumni, local residents and university employees.

He said it’s time for everyone to be reunited and focus on moving forward.

“The media portrayed the incident as being something that defines the entire community,” Nevins said. “We feel we are defined by so much more.”

Before launching its official fundraising campaign, the group earned more than $60,000. So far, it has printed 20,000 posters, 20,000 buttons and four banners — which were hung over the downtown entryways — all preaching the message of togetherness.

Nevins said plans for funds include scheduling tangible events to bring the community closer, and he thinks some money will go to local social service groups specializing in child sex abuse awareness. He added that eventually the campaign wants to transcend the community and help to repair Penn State’s image on the national stage.

“We want to focus everybody’s attention on what a great community this is,” he said.


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