WE ARE…PENN STATE–Honor, Integrity, We Stand As One

The origin of this cheer is distinctly from Penn State–copied by others! PSU was going to play Miami originally in the Orange Bowl in 1948. But Miami insisted that PSU leave Hoggard and Triplett at home, and then PSU could play the Orange Bowl. Steve Suhey, the All-American guard of that team, and fath…

er of Chicago Bear/PSU alum Matt Suhey is reported to have said to the team: “We are Penn State-we play ALL or none.” Later, SMU and Doak Walker invited PSU to play in the Cotton Bowl. Race relations being what they were at the time, Dallas wasn’t exactly the friendliest city for race relations, either. The SMU players asked PSU (then called The Pennsylvania State College) to leave their “colored” players out of the line-up for the game. The team called a meeting, at which Steve Suhey stood up and said, “There will be no more meetings. WE ARE PENN STATE. We play all or none.” The team took a vote, and the majority prevailed. All who voted against were given a chance to change their vote. In the end, the vote was unanimous to allow Triplett and Hoggard to play. By the way, after shutting down SMU’s top running back in the country Doak Walker in the 2nd half, Wally Triplett scored the tying TD that almost gave PSU the victory. When kicker and later PSU athletic director Ed Czekaj kicked the PAT to give Penn State the lead-and what would have been the winning point-supposedly the ball sailed OVER the top of one of the uprights-technically a good PAT. But, the referee claimed the kick was no good. And so Penn State College and SMU tied 13-13. That Cotton Bowl appearance was PSU’s 1st bowl appearance since the 1923 Rose Bowl against USC, in the brand new Rose Bowl stadium!

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