Words from a Florida Gator – Again, thank you Florida for your support!!

As a Gator and fellow SECer to the Tide fan I absolutely will contribute!   (see the post from Mr Noah from Alabama) What the NCAA has done is way beyond the pale.  This scandal could have happened anywhere!  This particular type of predator is skilled in covering, grooming, and hiding these crimes.  What passes for media coverage is abhorrent!  If only they could have used this firestorm of coverage to educate people.  Make parents aware of the following scenarios. 1 – Ya’ know that volleyball coach that always seems to be willing to travel with the team to far places – especially if all the other coaches are too busy — hmmm perhaps we should be vigilant around him/her.  2 – Gee you know my child is an amazing basketball player and has loved the sport for years, but just all of a sudden he/she refuses to go to practice has decided to give up the sport and does not seem to have a reason for this about face.  Maybe I should dig deeper about this change in attitude for seemingly no reason.  3 – Is it odd that that coach keeps that one child late after practice every time and I don’t really get why.  4 – Is it odd that this parent volunteer wants to have sleep over parties for the team and there are no other adults in the house?

ALL of these situations could be innocent, but if just once there happens to be a problem it is worth asking questions!  It does not have to be a witch hunt, but to protect our kids we all need to be aware and ask questions!

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