The Place Where JoePa Stood


Trees now line the area outside Beaver Stadium where the statue of Joe Paterno once stood.

The trees could be seen Saturday, a day after the statue was moved from Beaver Stadium.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the statue was moved Friday.

The statue’s current location is not reported, and Penn State spokesman David La Torre said the university will not be answering any questions about it.

“We don’t comment on the statue,” La Torre wrote in an email.

The statue was removed last Sunday on the heels of the release of Louis Freeh’s findings — a 267-page report that found Penn State officials were involved in a cover-up of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse allegations. Paterno, along with members of the Penn State administration, was found to have direct knowledge of the allegations and did not report them.

In the days leading up to the statue’s removal a banner plane flew through State College with the message, “Take down the statue or we will.”

The university has not released information of what the long-term future of the statue will be.


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