An Alabama Fan Speaks Out to Help Penn State!

Tide fan Alston Noah has set up a page on fundraising website Indiegogo asking fellow Alabama fans to contribute to a fund that will be donated to the Penn State student government later this year. In a statement on the page, Noah states that he hopes his “Elephants For Lions” campaign will help the Penn State fans and alumni, who he believes were unjustly punished for the crimes of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.
Noah’s full statement on the page reads:

My name is Alston and I am a graduate of the University of Alabama. I am seeking 100,000 donations from avid college football fans.
It is important to college football Penn State return to an atheletic powerhouse as soon as possible. The NCAA has spoken but so many innocent fans and players were punished for the criminal acts of one. The Nittany Lions are strong and growing stronger everyday. I want to do my part to help.

Its time to step in and help. All funds raised will be given to Penn State University in October 2012. The President of the Student Government Association will have the responsibilty to direct the funds in his/her best efforts to promote the Mission of Penn State University.
This is a simple way to send a clear message to the Penn State family, we care and want to help.
Roll Tide

We (Noah & others) would like to hear from Alabama fans: would you donate money to help Penn State recover from its NCAA sanctions?


2 comments on “An Alabama Fan Speaks Out to Help Penn State!

  1. As a Gator and fellow SECer to the Tide fan I absolutely will contribute! What the NCAA has done is way beyond the pale. This scandal could have happened anywhere! This particular type of predator is skilled in covering, grooming, and hiding these crimes. What passes for media coverage is abhorrent! If only they could have used this firestorm of coverage to educate people. Make parents aware of the following scenarios. 1 – Ya’ know that volleyball coach that always seems to be willing to travel with the team to far places – especially if all the other coaches are too busy — hmmm perhaps we should be vigilant around him/her. 2 – Gee you know my child is an amazing basketball player and has loved the sport for years, but just all of a sudden he/she refuses to go to practice has decided to give up the sport and does not seem to have a reason for this about face. Maybe I should dig deeper about this change in attitude for seemingly no reason. 3 – Is it odd that that coach keeps that one child late after practice every time and I don’t really get why. 4 – Is it odd that this parent volunteer wants to have sleep over parties for the team and there are no other adults in the house?

    ALL of these situations could be innocent, but if just once there happens to be a problem it is worth asking questions! It does not have to be a witch hunt, but to protect our kids we all need to be aware and ask questions!

    • wow! I have to say, I am so encouraged and lifted by the reaction of people from other universities who are normally our “foes”! Thank you to Ohio State, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida for your support in the unfairness of the sanctions placed against us as well as the horrible job the press has done in covering this story.(or not covering it!). There has been NO objectivity in dealing with the facts in the case at all. Again, thank you!!

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