ESPN’s Roxanne Jones–PSU “DESERVED” NCAA Sanctions?

Click on Nittany Lion to Read What She Had To Say!!!

Get a load of her article on cnn opinion, and then let her know what you think–and she is a PSU graduate.  I realize that everyone from Penn State doesn’t agree that their sanctions are too harsh, but really, this was beyond the pale!


Arguing that the NCAA overstepped its bounds and has no right to butt into this criminal case is ridiculous. That is the same type of legal-loophole thinking that Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary and other top officials who knew about Sandusky‘s behavior used when they “followed the letter of the law” and reported to their superiors that Sandusky may have done “something” to a boy in the shower that awful night in 1998. They reported this suspected rape to their bosses and then went home.

I think we got off easy.

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