Did Penn State President Act in the BEST Interest of the University?

From the NY POST

Many alumni and some trustees are incensed over the unprecedented NCAA  penalty — which likely will cripple Penn State’s football team for years to come — and Penn State’s quick acceptance of it.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Wednesday that Gov. Tom Corbett said the  penalties imposed on Penn State “go well beyond” those with responsibility for  the handling of the sex abuse allegations against Sandusky.

“What’s important to note is the kids that are up there right now, whether  they are students or the student-athletes, the members of that team or the  members of any other team, had nothing to do with this. Nothing,” Corbett said.  “And they are the ones that, unfortunately, are bearing the brunt of this. And  that’s what I find difficult.”

A person with knowledge of the trustees’ meeting said earlier Wednesday that  trustees were to discuss whether Erickson had the authority to agree to the  sanctions without first getting the board’s approval. The person was not  authorized to discuss the meeting and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Some trustees had expressed concern that Erickson may have violated a board  rule that says the board must authorize the signing of “contracts, legal  documents, and other obligations.”

The board statement made no reference to the propriety of what Erickson had  done, saying trustees held a discussion but did not take any votes.

“The board finds the punitive sanctions difficult and the process with the  NCAA unfortunate,” the statement said. “But as we understand it, the  alternatives were worse as confirmed by NCAA President Mark Emmert‘s recent  statement that Penn State was likely facing a multi-year death sentence.”

La Torre said Wednesday that Erickson had authority to act without the  approval of the full board.

Please comment!  I would love to send copies of your comments to the Board of Trustees at Penn State!



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