by Greg Santucci
Lately, I’ve seen many outraged people claiming that because of this scandal, they will boycott Penn State and anything associated with it. In light of this, and with the help of a few Facebook posts and some research of my own, I compiled a handy list of things to steer clear of if you want to avoid any trace of Penn State: – Don’t use Mac computers. The man who started the Macintosh project got his computer sciences degree at PSU. … -Don’t watch the Olympic Games if you hate Penn State – they’ve got 19 athletes and coaches competing in London this year.
-Skip vaccinating against cervical cancer – the vaccine was developed with research by Penn State’s College of Medicine. -If you have a heart attack, refuse a heart pump. It was invented at Penn State. -Need a pacemaker? Oh! Sorry! The first long-life rechargeable pacemaker was invented at Penn State.
– Play golf? Put down your clubs!!!!! 9 out of every 10 golf courses worldwide use turfgrass varieties developed at Penn State.
-Don’t eat ice cream! Oh crap! In 1892, Penn State established the first collegiate instruction in ice cream manufacturing. More people have learned to make ice cream at Penn State than anywhere else. Even Ben & Jerry took classes at Penn State!
-Don’t want to get pregnant? Uh-oh! Pioneer steroid chemist Russell Marker‘s work at Penn State laid the foundation for the birth control pill.
– Does your baby like to play with Fisher Price toys? THROW THEM OUT! Herman Fisher was a Penn Stater!
-Since Penn State has the world’s largest alumni association and over 700,000 graduates, be sure to avoid just about every business and product you come in contact with on a daily basis because somewhere it’s more than likely that a Penn State graduate (or several) work for and contribute to the making of that product or idea. Ya may have to give up some friends, too!
So…we’re just a football program, right?  You decide!

6 comments on “BOYCOTT PENN STATE?

  1. Silly post. All of those things would have been invented elsewhere too. Fact is if employers have a choice between closely qualified applicants many will not choose the PSU grad. This is because many at PSU still do not grasp reality, that the worship Paterno cult caused damage to many children. Until PSU becomes way more open and humble, some employers will quietly ignore their graduates.

    • Excuse me, no cult here–I was in second grade when my parents started taking me to the games, long before Joe Paterno, and there was the same loyalty to the blue and white that presently exists. Those were the days when an upset win over Syracuse or Pitt or NC State was a BIG deal. We learned from an early age to be respectful and to carry ourselves well. As an athletic trainer at Penn State, we were told if we showed up for a trip in anything but business attire we would be left at home. A certain decorum was expected. We were told to always remember that we were representing PENN STATE. This was true of ALL athletes at Penn State, and only assisted in our student athletes “dressing for success” long after the warm up suits were put away. I am proud of the long history and tradition of excellence that Penn State instills in its students, and employers are well aware of the quality of education and knowledge of socially appropriate actions that Penn State exemplifies. It is a loss to the employer if they discount a PSU graduate because of Jerry Sandusky’s horrific actions.

    • I have no doubt that Joe Paterno was welcomed at the Pearly Gates, and is now the coach of the football team! The guilty (Sandusky)–may he burn in Hell–for what he did to innocent children and for what he did to his University, his community, his church, his family–all of whom provided him with a life better than most can ever imagine. He was a pillar in the community, and he threw it all away, and he will pay for it for as long as he breathes the air in his cell. What a pity. May God watch over all the innocent victims in this tragedy.

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