Looking For Suggestions–Removing Penn State Board of Trustees

I am looking for suggestions for avenues and fundraising for removing President Rodney Erickson and the Board of Trustees who were involved in the devastating decisions that have destroyed Penn State financially for the next decade.  The sanctions of the NCAA have to have a huge impact on our students, student athletes, and ability to compete on the world stage with the horrible reputation that now follows Penn State and ALL of its Professors, Students, Alumni, and the town of State College.

For President Erickson and a select group of trustees, agreeing to the NCAA sanctions instead of receiving a long (which might have brought reason and reflection) investigation was a death blow to all of us.

The decisions of the University Board of Trustees from March 2011 to the present have devastated an honorable institution of higher education with a spotless record in so many areas, and a history of giving back to the community, the state, the country and the world.  They need to be removed, either by filing a lawsuit for this purpose or removing them by the use of some other laws or rules.

If you have ideas for developing a fundraising effort–like putting your alumni dollars into a fund instead of paying your alumni dues, please let me know.




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