Joe’s Legacy Is In Our Hearts, Not Statues or Buildings

By Keith Platt

While the powers that be can tear down statues and vacate wins, Joe’s legacy
isn’t encapsulated by a building, a statue or a trophy. Joe’s monument is
enshrined in all of the young men he taught to be leaders. Joe’s legacy is
enshrined in each of those young men that we had the honor and privilege to
cheer for and call our own. Whatever moral failings Joe may have had, he always
managed to recruit the highest caliber of young men to play football for his
team. This is evidenced by the graduation rates and GPA, at or among the highest
in Division I Football. It is also evidenced by the large amount of players who
chose, voluntarily, to give their time and efforts to Special Olympics and THON.
This is how I choose to remember Coach Paterno


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