Penn State Board Opinions Differ

Last weekend, a campus security guard stood a few paces from the Paterno statue outside Beaver Stadium, keeping watch for would-be vandals. This week, a few students camped out around the statue to ensure it would not be vandalized after a plane flew over the campus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a banner that read: “Take the statue down or we will.” More than a decade ago, the 7-foot statue was commissioned by a group called “Friends of Joe and Sue Paterno,” comprised of about 35 trustees, some of whom are still on the board, and deep-pocketed university benefactors.

The group hired a Reading, Pa., artist named Angelo Di Maria, 65, to sculpt it. The statue was then bequeathed to the university, a trustee briefed on the arrangements said Friday night. Two trustees who contributed to the statue’s cost are Ed Hintz and Jim Broadhurst, both of whom were notified in May 2011 by then-president Graham Spanier at a private dinner about the Sandusky matter, according to the Freeh report. Both men have denied that Spanier told them about the investigation, but some of their fellow trustees said this week they do not believe them.

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