Paterno a Media Scapegoat

The Freeh Report and media have done a tremendous injustice to all things Penn State. . Terrible things were done to young boys by a FORMER assistant football coach–and he will pay by spending the rest of his life in prison. My parents ,as PSU Graduates influenced and instilled in me the same pride in tradition, honesty, and work ethic that is synonomous with We Are…Penn State! That quote in itself describes that we are one–(it originated with a racially divided world of college football (Wally Triplett and Steve Suhey–1947).

I am a Penn State graduate, class of 1972, and as a health and phys ed graduate and with a degree in sports medicine, and having worked as an athletic trainer with many of the PSU athletic teams, I am well acquainted with most things athletic at Penn State. . I beg to differ with Thomas Day and his opinion expressed a few days ago here on!! The new Penn State he describes sounds really familiar to me as the Penn State I attended in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and again in the 80’s. After graduation, I lived in State College for 20 years and raised my family there. I went to the same church as Sandusky, was in the same church circle as Dottie Sandusky, and my kids grew up with their kids.  I taught football players in my classes, and some were not successful in my class, and did not play football again–with no interference from the staff in the football programJerry

I continue to take great pride in my Penn State heritage.. I am very proud of Penn State, the great scholars it has produced, and the great men and women that the football and other athletic programs, and yes, Joe Paterno, have produced.


Penn State is committed to quality in all things–education, service, ALL extracurricular activities that make students better citizens and contributors to society.  Penn State has always set an example of great stewardship in the town and around the country in supporting worthy causes. Penn State has the largest fund raising event of any university in the world with its “Thon.” We are not “a football crazed community” as the press has described us. It is not “Joe Paterno University”–it is not football before anything else.  We love football as do Alabama, Florida, Okalahoma, Texas, Nebraska, etc., etc.  Since when is that a crime?


For whatever errors Paterno made in judgment by not following up in 2001, he should not be crucified as he is being now. Joe Paterno never witnessed anything reportable to the police. Joe Paterno never wrote an email. Joe Paterno never directed anyone to hide anythng. Joe Paterno never interfered with the judicial process, as witnessed by a district judge. There is not one shred of court admissible evidence in the Freeh Report that specifically indicts Joe Paterno. The Grand Jury in Harrisburg found Joe Paterno to be a credible and honest and forthright witness, hiding nothing. And yet the Press, in an effort to get a “fat cat” big headline news story that has salaciousness to it, has jumped to its conclusions and done all that it could to destroy a lifetime of good works and honor.

The statue stays, or I will be sitting on the wall protecting it–that statue wasn’t particularly liked by Joe, but it represents what I think he represented–turning students and athletes into men and women who would go forward in the world and “make an impact!”


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