My Response to CNN Opinion written by Thomas Day

I am a Penn State graduate, class of 1972, and as a health and phys ed graduate and with a degree in sports medicine, I am well acquainted with most things athletic at Penn State. I beg to differ with Thomas Day and his opinion!! The new Penn State he describes sounds really familiar to me as the Penn State I attended at that time. After graduation, I lived in State College and raised my family there. I went to the same church as Jerry Sandusky, was in the same church circle as Dottie Sandusky, and my kids grew up with their kids. I continue to take great pride in my Penn State heritage. The press has jumped on a bandwagon of headlines and innuendo, as does the Freeh report. I taught football players in my classes, and some were not successful in my class, and did not play football again–with no interference from the staff in the football program. I am very proud of Penn State, the great scholars it has produced, and the great men that the football program, and yes, Joe Paterno, produced. For whatever errors he made in judgment by not following up in 2001, he should not be crucified as he is being now. And Penn State has always set an example of great stewardship in the town and around the country in supporting worthy causes. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.


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