Paterno’s Words Resonate to ALL Alumni of Penn State

Forget my career in terms of my accomplishments and look at the last 40 years as I do:  as the aggregate achievements of hundreds of young men working to become better people as they got an education and became better football players.  Look at those men and what they have done in the world since they left Penn State and assess their contributions as an aggregate – is this a collection of jocks who did nothing but skate by at a football factory, or are these men who earned an education and built a reputation second to none as a place where academic integrity and gridiron success could thrive together?

Whatever failings that may have happened at Penn State, whatever conclusions about my or others’ conduct you may wish to draw from a fair view of the allegations, it is inarguable that these actions had nothing to do with this last team or any of the hundreds of prior graduates of the “Grand Experiment.”

Penn Staters across the globe should feel no shame in saying “We are…Penn State.”  This is a great University with one of the best academic performing football programs in major college athletics.  Those are facts – and nothing that has been alleged changes them


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