Graham Spanier’s pay totaled over $1 million in 2010

By Paige Minemyer Collegian Staff Writer

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier ranked third in a list of highest-paid public university presidents released by the Chronicle of Higher Education. According to the report, Spanier’s pay for 2010 totaled $1,068,763. Of that, he received a base salary of $660,002, which was fourth-highest on the list. He earned $200,000 in bonuses, and $208,761 was set aside as “deferred compensation” to be paid out later. The total also includes additional “provisions” provided by the university, including a house, a car and $22,760 contribution to his pension. University spokeswoman Lisa Powers wrote in an email that the $200,000 bonus was a signing bonus that Spanier recieved on July 1, 2010 when he signed a contract extension. Andrea Fuller, a reporter at the Chronicle who oversaw the report, said the methodology changed from years past. Spanier earned $777,832 last year based on the new system, she said. Fuller said bonuses have had a large effect on this year’s ranking. Spanier did not receive a bonus in 2009, according to the previous list. “Bonuses come and go and that really affected our top rankings this year,” she said. “Our rankings are often dependent on those kind of elements.” Fuller also said Spanier has traditionally been high on the Chronicle’s list. She said the figures can be hard for some people to understand, as things like “deferred compenstation” only exist “in a really narrow realm of society.” “They change from year-to-year based on components like this, not just based on increases in their salary,” Fuller said.


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