York Daily News – Corbett’s Involvement in Sandusky Scandal

As attorney general, Corbett was in charge of the case starting in March 2009 and chose to do nothing about it for nearly three years. No arrest was made, so the blame game had not started. But why in all this time did no arrest or prosecution move forward in this case? The question best asked is: What path would best advance Tom Corbett‘s career? The righteous prosecution of politicians or, alternatively, a drawn-out grand jury inquiry and ultimately the destruction of Joe Paterno, a man considered an icon by the Penn State alumni, students and football fans?

The case seems to have been put on the back burner. Instead, the resources of the Attorney General’s Office were focused on “bonusgate.” This entailed investigating nearly four million dollars in bonuses paid for campaign work to legislative staff. That Bonusgate investigation became a media circus that brought him into the political spotlight. This was all a run-up to Tom Corbett’s bid and run for governor.

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General employs about 750 prosecutors, attorneys, agents, investigators and support staff, according to its website. For two years only one investigator, a state trooper, was handling the Sandusky case.

Corbett knew everything there was to know about the Sandusky investigation. Despite this, in July of 2011, he still approved $3 million in grant money to The Second Mile. This charity was founded by Jerry Sandusky for underprivileged children. Sandusky met all the alleged victims in this criminal case at Second Mile. Their ages ranged from 7 to 12 when the alleged abuse began. According to the website deadspin.com, board members of The Second Mile, including their businesses and their families, have donated more than $641,000 to Corbett since 2003.

It looks like Tom Corbett as attorney general was a little more interested in the politics of running for and becoming governor than in those kids who had been abused or were at risk of being abused by an alleged predator. He allowed a suspected pedophile to remain at large years after the investigation was started.


One comment on “York Daily News – Corbett’s Involvement in Sandusky Scandal

  1. Maybe Gov Corbett should be removed off the board and replaced with a local congressman/ state senator whose area is PSU, state college, centre county and the surrounding communities so that no conflict of interest can be a part of an investigation.

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