Paterno Family Reacts to Book

The Paterno family today released this statement:

“A new book about the Jerry Sandusky case is attracting attention because of its egregious use of false and slanderous statements about the late Penn State Coach Joe Paterno. This unprofessional and irresponsible rehash from clip files and anonymous interviews was slapped together in a matter of weeks and rushed to market, as the authors have acknowledged.

 “The authors also admit that most people they contacted did not want to talk with them, and many of the ones who did talk insisted on not being identified. The price of their obsession with speed over accuracy is a book that distorts the truth and offers conclusions and theories for which the authors have no evidence.

“To fully correct these errors and outright lies would take far more words than this slanderous account is worth. However, one outrageous and baseless claim that cannot go unchallenged is that Coach Paterno knew about a 1998 incident involving Jerry Sandusky that was investigated by local law enforcement. There is indisputable evidence showing that Coach Paterno was not informed about that investigation, as well as the Coach’s own sworn testimony to that effect.

“Further, their claim that knowledge of Sandusky’s alleged conduct led Coach Paterno to push for Sandusky’s retirement in 1999also is baseless and unsupported by any evidence.

 “These and many other lies, errors and slanderous allegations are proof that the only objective for these authors was to exploit this tragedy for their own personal gain by producing a fictionalized narrative that smears the reputation of Joe Paterno.”


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