Penn State should remain Land Grant, not Private

I am in complete, unequivocal, unwaivering support of Penn State remaining the land grant institution that it began as.  Penn State has a responsibility to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (who,by the way, provided the funds over the years to create and maintain the school) to remain as their one and only land grant school.  History, tradition and responsibility count.  I take great pride in the fact that I went to MY state university–and will fight vehemently to maintain that status as the prime educator for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, the current board seems to be looking for ways to destroy that status.  No wonder the state legislature is questioning whether we are THE state university or a private institution.  Now I know why they keep cutting funding to us–if the board is questioning our status why should Harrisburg not question it, and cut our funds accordingly–they must be thinking-okay, if they want to be private, go for it.  It seems as though the board just wants to be private so they can keep secrets from the citizens and taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

I am outraged that the board has gotten us all into this position!  If elected as a trustee, I will devote my time to exploring how we got here and how to change it so Penn State is no longer the most expensive State University in the country (a dubious distinction)!


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