PSU-ReBOT Research Committee Progress Report

PSU-ReBOT Research Committee Progress Report

We are Penn Staters Reforming the Board of Trustees. Our mission is nothing less than to fix Pennsylvania State University. We will do this by reforming the Board of Trustees via legislative action at the State level. This task will require the involvement of Pennsylvania voters, Penn State alumni, faculty and friends. It will also require work on our part to propose a system of governance that better represents all Penn State stakeholder groups and comprises a small enough size to be efficient and effective. We have been busy researching other Land Grant Institutions and have some good news.

Land Grant University Data Collection is Complete

After 6 weeks of data collection, the research committee is currently in the review process. The committee reviewed the structure of sixty land grand institutions across the United States. Two non-land grant institutions within the State of Pennsylvania were also reviewed (The University of Pittsburgh and Temple University).

Our thanks to the 14 committee researchers that diligently sifted through web pages to locate the answers to the questions. Your hard work and determination is sincerely appreciated.

Now that the data collection is complete, the next step will be to review and analysis. We are fortunate to have PhD researchers within our group that are currently in the process of doing this. Some of the data sub-groups that are being reviewed are:

  • University size
  • Number of branch campuses
  • Number of faculty
  • Percentage of State funding
  • Number of voting members of the board
  • Number of non-voting members of the board
  • Number of Ex officio members of the board and which titles represent this
  • Governor appointed on the board
  • If governor appointees are approved by senate or other vote
  • Is the Governor on the board and voting privileges
  • Number of faculty on board and voting privileges
  • Number of current students and voting privileges
  • Number of alumni on board and voting privileges
  • Selection processes of all board members (appointed, ballot, ex officio)
  • Term limits

The research committee plans to have data analyzed by Monday, March 12, 2012 with an executive summary to follow sometime after.

List of Land-Grant Universities

With the exception of the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) and Temple University, which are both Pennsylvania schools that receive State funding, the list of land-grant universities included in our research includes:

  1. Auburn
  2. Alabama A&M
  3. University of Alaska
  4. University of Arizona
  5. University of California
  6. Colorado State University
  7. University of Connecticut
  8. University of Deleware
  9. Deleware State University
  10. Florida A&M
  11. University of Florida
  12. University of Georgia
  13. Fort Valley State University
  14. Univesity of Hawaii
  15. University of Idaho
  16. Purdue
  17. Iowa State University
  18. Kansas State
  19. University of Kentucky
  20. Kentucky State University
  21. Louisiana State University
  22. Southern University & A&M College
  23. University of Maine
  24. University of Maryland @ College Park
  25. University of maryland Eastern Shore
  26. University of Mass Amherst
  27. Mass Institute of Technology
  28. Michigan State University
  29. Iuniversity of Minesota
  30. Mississippi State
  31. Alcorn State University
  32. University of Missouri
  33. Lincoln University
  34. Montana State University
  35. University of Nebrask Lincoln
  36. University of Nevada
  37. University of New Hampshire
  38. Rutgers
  39. Cornell
  40. NC State University
  41. NC A&T State University
  42. North Dakota State University
  43. Ohio State University
  44. Oklahoma State University
  45. Langston University
  46. Oregon State University
  47. Penn State
  48. Temple (not a Land-Grant University)
  49. Pitt (not a Land-Grant University)
  50. University of Rhode Island
  51. Clemson
  52. South Carolina State University
  53. South Dakota State University
  54. University of Tennessee
  55. Tennessee State University
  56. Texas A&M
  57. Utah State University
  58. University of Vermont
  59. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  60. Virginia State University
  61. Washington State University
  62. West Virginia University
  63. West Virginia State University
  64. University of Wisconsin Madison
  65. University of Wyoming


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