Board of Trustees to Announce Candidates

The names of the candidates running for alumni seats on the Penn State’s Board of Trustees will be publicly announced this afternoon.

To be eligible for the election, candidates had to receive 50 nominations from fellow alumni and had to accept the nomination in writing to have their names placed on an election ballot, which is sent to the alumni.

All candidates were invited to attend a drawing that would determine the order in which their names will be placed on the ballot, Director for the Office of the Board of Trustees Paula Ammerman wrote in an email.

The name order will be chosen through drawing numbers or lots, Ammerman wrote. If a candidate cannot attend the drawing, a representative can take their place or authorize Ammerman to designate an individual to draw on their behalf.

The drawing and announcement will take place at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel at 1:30 p.m., Ammerman wrote. The venue was changed from the offices in Old Main due to spacing reasons.

According to Standing Order VI on the Office of the Board’s website, the president of the board must set a date for candidates to attend and place their “lots” or bids for their placement on the ballot. After all candidates have received their lots, the secretary of the board will establish an official order for the ballot.


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