What Joe Paterno REALLY Said!

The media’s hand in this debacle is equally stained. Many in the media knew of the Sandusky rumors for 16 years and did not push for a major investigation. The press had to have learned of Gov. Corbett‘s self-protection angle but self-righteously continued down the Paterno narrative. This self-serving dereliction of duty continues to protect their previous actions. The media commentators say over and over again that Paterno said he wished he had done more (Actually my recollection is that the press is saying that he said, ‘I should have done more’.”   They did this as if they were attempting to convince us that Mr. Paterno was making an admission of guilt.

In fact in his resignation statement Paterno actually said the following: “This is a tragedy. It is one of the great sorrows of my life. With the benefit of hindsight I wish I had done more.” The addition of the word hindsight changes the entire meaning. Mr. Paterno, like all of us would change many of our actions if we could see the future.

Joe Paterno‘s resignation statement was again him being his usual humble self. He did not defend or blame anyone else for the despicable way he was treated. He politely refused to play prosecutor and law enforcer in the Sandusky saga but noted the abuse of children was a horrific act.

Mr. Paterno did everything he should have done in this situation. He reported the allegation he received second hand to school official Tim Curley, and to the administrator in charge of campus police. He never eye-witnessed any act on a child. All his knowledge and that of a multitude of others were hearsay rumors.


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