Why am I running?

I have been involved in Penn State since 1968 in various ways, as a student, campus organizer, “townie”, instructor, sports medicine athletic trainer, and as loyal and ardent fan of the quality of education Penn State offers as well as it’s athletic program.  I am part of 3 generations of Penn State Graduates.  The recent events have pointed out to me that the University has a broken and outdated system that has consolidated power in a few that clearly has not always acted in the best interests of the entire University

What leadership positions have I held?

Board of Trustees, Mount Nittany Medical Center–3 terms–officer for 5 years

President, Childbirth Education Association

Campus Coordinator, American Red Cross Blood Services, Penn State University

Purser, Northwest Airlines, overseeing crews on international flights

Fundraiser, Head of Family Mentoring and Family Selection, Habitat for Humanity

What Boards have I served on?

Mount Nittany Medical Center

Childbirth Education Association Critical Incident Stress Management,

Northwest Airlines

St Paul’s United Methodist Church,State College

Emerald Coast Realtors Association

How do I want the Board of Trustees to change?

1.  Increase transparency by eliminating the “hush” rule in the bylaws.

2.  Eliminate emeritus board positions

3.  Increase in ability of trustees to interact with legislators in Harrisburg to benefit

4.  Look at and make changes in the makeup of executive committee

5.  Changes in Policies and Procedures that consolidate power in a few.

What Change Management Initiatives Have you led?

1.  Employment policies regarding maternity leave at my place of work

2.  Workmen’s compensation coverage/lack of coverage at place of work

3.  Accessibility to medical care for medicare patients in Centre County

If I want to change the BOT how would I convince the current BOT to agree with my position?

1.  By hard work and knowledge I have found in the past that when I prove myself credible and knowledgeable about a subject, people listen.

2.  Beginning with the basics of the policies and procedures, I intend to chip away at changes that have occured over the years, realizing that this can’t be an overnight rebellion. The bull in the china closet doesn’t get anything but broken china.

3.  The legislative process from the outside working inward is another approach that is and will be reviewed.  There is a way to have a voice, and people are working toward that end.

What hurdles/scandals in my personal life have prepared me for dealing with the situation at Penn State?

1.  I have lost two jobs because I stood up to the management about things that were wrong.  One, I challenged the employer over EEOC rules, lost my job, but the result was that the employer had to go back and rewrite its policy manual regarding maternity leave and coverage for its employees.Two, the other employer asked me to “lie” on an insurance claim form that the injury was not work related because they were not required to carry workmen’s compensation coverage.  I refused, lost my job, but ultimately the employer was then required to carry workmen’s compensation coverage for its employees.  I never compromised what I thought was right in order to save my own skin, and wouldn’t do that as a member of the board of trustees.

2.  There have been many personal hurdles that I have overcome that I don’t want to make public, but I have started over from scratch a few times in my life, picked myself up, dusted myself off, and moved on to the next challenge.  I am very happy to say that by the time I was 47 I had indeed accomplished every dream that I had laid out for myself as a teenager–against some daunting odds.  Every time I got knocked down, I got back up and was successful at the next venture.

What is my stance on the confidentiality in the bylaws on the board of trustees?

This is an unbelievable and unacceptable situation.  The idea that no one asked any questions is incredible to me.  This is a basic change that needs to happen quickly.  The press conference held in November points out clearly that the confidentiality rule stifled discussion and probably resulted in the board not only doing something morally questionable, but legally as well, having not abided by sunshine laws, and potentially to other legal considerations.

Board of Trustee Qualifying Questions


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