The Truth Be Told?

Dambly, Eckel and fellow trustees Anne Riley and Peter Khoury said the board collectively acted as it should once Sandusky was charged with sexually abusing several boys over a period spanning more than a decade.

They quickly decided action was needed, assembled and made the tough decision to fire Spanier and Paterno.

Letting Paterno go after 61-years by phone is a regret expressed in the New York Times article by several trustees. The four — chosen to speak with The Patriot-News by attorney Lanny Davis — also expressed that regret.

But not an apology.

They said they had to tell Paterno that night, for fear the decision might get leaked and he might hear it another way. And they couldn’t arrange a face-to-face meeting given the media frenzy, they said.

“We wanted to make sure Paterno found out from the board, not by radio,” said Eckel. “But the board wanted to tell the world that night.”


One comment on “The Truth Be Told?

  1. May the board of trustee actions never be forgotten–how you turned your backs on a friend and colleague who had given so much. Ultimately, the speed of his demise can be laid at your feet and you will be held responsible for the speed with which Joe left us. We never even got a chance for one final cheer of 109,000 appreciative friends, alumni, and fans–the board of trustees robbed us all of the grand exit Joe so richly deserved. The board should have remembered the alma mater, of “may no act of ours bring shame, to one heart that loves thy name!!

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