The Penn State Scandal–Lack of Transparency

Thank you, Heinz Warneke

The governance of The Pennsylvania State University has apparently been consolidated into the President and a select few. All the power for all of the decisions made with these few people positioned Penn State in a way that it was ripe for the catastrophe that has occurred. This problem goes way beyond the Sandusky scandal. Erickson said it was a “Sandusky Scandal” at the town meeting–I think that only brought the true Penn State Scandal to light. In fact, the real scandal is how a few at the top have usurped the power to make the decisions that affect all past, present, and future alumni, friends, and students. My goal as a trustee would be to examine what the policies and procedures are and how to change them to create more accountability for decision making regarding the future of Penn State. I think we have enough lawyers and company presidents–I want to be a representative voice on the board for the average person who has pride in the past, present, and future of Penn State.


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