Minutes of Executive Session-Sandusky Scandal

Report of Executive Sessions

Chairman Garban reported that the Board of Trustees had met in Executive Session to discussion personnel

matters, to consult with its attorney or other professional advisors, and University business. The resultant

actions included:

A. In view of the situation and unfolding circumstances at Penn State, the Board of Trustees

determined, and Dr. Spanier concurred, that it was best for the President to step down effective

November 9.

B. The Board of Trustees determined that it is in the best interest of Penn State for Joe Paterno to no

longer serve as head football coach, effective November 9.

C. The appointment of Rodney A. Erickson as President of The Pennsylvania State University effective

November 9. The Board is pleased that Dr. Erickson accepted the challenge to lead the University

at this important time, and believes that he will provide the necessary stability and direction as we

pursue our University’s land grant mission of education, research and outreach. President Erickson

has the Board’s complete confidence and support.

President Erickson will continue in this role until the Board determines an appropriate time to begin

a transition to new leadership. At that time a nationwide search will be conducted, although no specific

schedule has been established at this point. The Board plans to keep the University community

informed of any changes.

D. The Board of Trustees received a request from athletic director Tim Curley to be placed on

administrative leave so that he can devote the time needed to defend himself against recent

allegations by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General, effective November 6.

E. The Board of Trustees was advised that interim senior vice president for Finance and Business

Gary C. Schultz will return to retirement so that he can devote the time needed to defend himself

against recent allegations by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General, effective November 6.

F. A Special Investigations Task Force has been established and work is underway to identify the

members. A statement was released on Tuesday, November 8, noting that the task force will

undertake a full and complete investigation of the circumstances that gave rise to the Grand Jury

Report. It will be commissioned to determine what failures occurred, who is responsible, and what

measures are necessary to insure that this never happens again. There will be full accountability for

those found responsible. All resources will be made available for the committee to fulfill its charge

and there will be no restrictions placed on its scope or activities. Upon the completion of this

investigation, a complete report will be presented at a future public session of the Board of Trustees.

The special task force will be chaired by Trustee Ken Frazier and Trustee Ron Tomalis will serve as

the vice-chair. Chairman Garban called on Trustee Frazier for remarks, which are included in their


“Thank you, Mr. Chair. I would just start by saying that the special

committee will take very seriously its charge of conducting a complete and

independent and separate investigation which will be viewed as rigorous, objective,

and impartial into the matters that you just discussed. I would also say that the

Board has made it clear that sexual abuse, and in particular, child sexual abuse is

completely unacceptable in any setting, but it has absolutely no place at Penn State

University, and because of that, the special task force will bring all of its resources,

including independent counsel to determining whether or not officers and employees

of the University acted responsibly in connection with these allegations and whether,

going forward, we need any changes to the University’s policies or procedures to

ensure the protection of children in the future. So, I will only say that, along with

Secretary Tomalis, we will do everything in our power to ensure that we give the

community, our students, their parents, and our alums the best indication that we’ve

looked at everything, talked to everyone, looked at all the documents that we can,

with the help of outside counsel, and that we are going to get to the bottom of all of

these matters. I appreciate your support and I look forward to reporting back in the


Chairman Garban closed by noting the University and this Board have many challenges and issues that we

will face over the coming days, months, and perhaps years. He reiterated the Board’s support for President

Erickson and the leadership team of the University as we move forward. Penn State has always strived for

honesty, integrity and the highest moral standards in all of its programs. We are dedicated to protecting those

who are placed in our care. Collectively, we promise that we are committed to restoring public trust in the

University. He thanked Vice Chair John Surma who provided the utmost support, decisive leadership, and

commitment to the University in these recent, difficult days. His service will always be appreciated. Chairman

Garban and Vice Chair Surma will continue to work together, with the Board, and move this University forward.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.


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